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60D has noise no matter what I do ,...plz help

HI, I am using 50mm f1.4 lens , I am trying to shoot in a room which has windows on the whole wall , in day time with two LEDs 50Watts each as additional light with ISO from 160 to 640 but all in vain forget about the 18-55 kit lens , I am not understanding what wrong am I doing, I have tried opening the aperture, bringing down shutter speed a little to let in more light , done everything altho my standard setting is HD 24 frame rate and aperture 50 still I am not understanding why am I not able to take a single video clip without noise ...... specially it is seen on dark on black or dark blue .....where can I be going wrong , I am not able to belive this light is also not enough.


Plz suggest what do you think can the problem be .....

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Re: 60D has noise no matter what I do ,...plz help

Your issue was a little difficult to follow because you make no mention of it until near the end.  So, I take it that you are shooting video indoors, but seem to think you have a lighting problem.  Correct?

Can the camera take stills in the room, without the added lights, and no flash?  Can the camera shoot stills outdoors on a bright sunny day?  Can you shoot video on a bright sunny day, without noise issues?

Seeing noise in dark areas of a scene sounds a little odd, because dark areas tend to hide and mask noise.  The eye is much more keen to noticing noise in lighter areas, compared to darker areas.  What does the noise look like?  Can you post an example of what the noise looks like?  A frame grab would work.


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Re: 60D has noise no matter what I do ,...plz help

There are lots of things that contribute to "noise" but the one you can control most easily is the ISO setting.  The camera will have least noise at ISO 100... and noise is increased as you use higher ISO settings.


Physical temperature of the camera sensor also contribute to noise (physically warmer imaging sensors generate more noise.)


Noise can be reduced via post-processing software.  Nik Dfine 2 (part of the Nik collection - now owned by Google - and it's free software) will reduce noise.  I use a Lightroom & Photoshop plug-in called Noiseware Pro (by Imagenomic).  


The reduction of noise comes at a trade-off... noise is reduced by averaging pixels with their surrounding pixels.  But when you do that, you also soften the image and lose detail.   


Noise tends to be most noticeable in dark areas and less in light areas.  


The best techniques use a combination of masking out the high detail areas (so you don't soften those parts of the image), and using stronger noise reduction in shadows and little to no noise reduction in highlights.  


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Re: 60D has noise no matter what I do ,...plz help

There are two things that affect noise the most:


1. High ISO - so set ISO as low as possible (use more lights indoors).

2. You shoot dark (under-expose) and lighten the video or pictures in post processing.  This produces lots of noises in the formerly dark areas.  Noise will be present even at ISO 100.  So make sure things are properly exposed in camera to avoid having to lighten.

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