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5d markii - manual outputs black images.

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Recently when shooting in Manual mode, no matter how i change aperture and shutter speed, all photos turn out with a black screen. The images show black on back screen and also after imported onto the computer. any suggestions of what may be causing this, or hopefully, how to fix it?! This doesnt happen in any other setting...just manual. Help!

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Re: 5d markii - manual outputs black images.

Are you using the metering scale in the viewfinder to set the shutter speed & aperture? It sounds like they are seriously underexposed.

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Re: 5d markii - manual outputs black images.

Try taking a photo in one of the Auto modes (Tv, Av, P, etc). Take note of the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings. Switch to Manual mode and then set the same aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Take a photo and you should see a properly exposed photo with the meter near the center.  


You can then vary the aperture and shutter speed to get different combinations that will keep the meter near the center and give you properly exposed photos.   

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Re: 5d markii - manual outputs black images.

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"... seriously underexposed."  Smiley Surprised

Manual means manual, you must know the light required and set the aperture, the shutter and the ISO for a proper exposure.

Any one, or a combo, of these settings can be the reason.

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Re: 5d markii - manual outputs black images.

Try this...


Go outside on a normal, sunny day.


First set your ISO to 500.


Next set your lens aperture to f16.


Finally, set your shutter speed to 1/500.


This should give you a reasonably good exposure on a typical, sunny day.


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