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5DMkIII, can't see my single focus square in low light.

I can't seem to find my single focus square is low light or a scene with low dark contrasts.  I am primarily a focus and recompose type shooter.  I have had my 5DMkIII for about 30 days and I can't imagine this is normal.  My 7D never caused a problem in this area.


The second problem is when auto focus is achieved, the square's red blink is so brief, I rarely see it.  I realize that the green focus confirmation light in the viewfinder is a way to confirm focus lock, but what good is it if you don't know where you have focused?


It seems possible for canon to add some type of an activation button to illuminate the focus square so you can position the square over the desired point of focus, release, press shutter half way to meter and focus and then take the picture.  Firmware I hope is the answer.  Or is my copy a bad camera??


I am familiar with the various settings and I have tried everything without any success.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thks.

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Re: 5DMkIII, can't see my single focus square in low light.

I solved it.  Just press the focus selection button, find your focus square(s), move over the desired point in the frame, press shutter release button halfway (focus square/grid goes away) and camera focuses/meters and you are ready to take the image.  WOW, I am happy.


And for some reason (I need to figure out), when you press the focus square button the outline of the focus squares are much brighter than when you just press the shutter halfway to focus and meter.  If anyone knows why, please let me know.  It would be nice not to have to press the focus square button just to find your focus square(s).

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Re: 5DMkIII, can't see my single focus square in low light.

It is NORMAL & probably the number 1 complaint about the 5D3.

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Re: 5DMkIII, can't see my single focus square in low light.

I heard canon has finally acknowldged this as a problem, and they are working on a solution. Does anyone know of a promised fix date? I really am amazed that canon let this and the focus assist problem get out into production. Now they are using consumers as their focus group lol. I am holding off buying the mark III until I hear something good on these two problems. Right now I love the speed of my focus assist and I love to know where my focus points are, so I will keep my mark II for now!

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