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5D mark IV built-in time-lapse movies questions

I don't have a 5DIV yet but I'm curious to know whether the feature of the built-in time-lapse movie feature will be using a lot of the shutter actuation of the camera.


Friends are taking about silent LV shooting mode. I am not sure if this is related.


Any thoughts ?

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Re: 5D mark IV built-in time-lapse movies questions

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My understanding of this.  The mirror and shutter opens when LV is selected (before you start shooting video).  So only one actuation.  There is an electronic shutter that performs the captures.  But the manual shutter stays open with the mirror up so you can view LV.  If you are worried about noise or life expectancy, I wouldn't be concerned about either.   

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Re: 5D mark IV built-in time-lapse movies questions

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I believe the behavior is that it uses an electronic first-curtain shutter and mechanical second curtain (to close the shutter while it performs the read-out)


But I’m wondering if you’re asking two un-related questions.


Time-lapse modes typically mean you’re going to be capturing frames over a very long period.  Live-view goes through a lot more battery power and extended use of live-view not only goes through battery power, but also heats the sensor (which will result in more thermal noise.)


If you prefer to use live-view to compose and focus for a time-lapse... you may want to turn off live-view when you start your capture sequence just to make sure you don’t run out of battery.


The 5D IV does have a “silent shutter” mode (it’s not really silent) ... which slows the mirror speed to quiet down the mirror slap (that’s most of the noise you hear when you take a shot... the shutter curtains themselves aren’t very noisey).  You WILL still hear the shutter sound (it’s not silent) ... but it’s a little more of a slushing sound rather than a snapping sound.


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Re: 5D mark IV built-in time-lapse movies questions

You both have answered my questions.


Thank you.





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