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5D Mark IV video setting issues!!!

So I'm a photographer, and I do have some experience with video, but I'm really no expert. For whatever reason I just cannot get the video settings on the Mark IV right. I've tried to film something three times now, changing the settings each time, and it still looks like complete trash. The resolution is really low, everything is soft. I'm honestly bewildered.

I've added screen shots below (for context, I'm a self-publisher, so I'm trying to film a live flip-through of my book)

My settings + other details:

5D Mark IV body + 24-70mm lens

Shooting still life on a tripod, natural light.

The book is huge (16.11in), so it's not a small object that I'm zoomed into or anything.

Started filming with a SanDisk 64gb Extreme Pro CF card, switched to a 64gb Extreme Pro SD card

AV mode, F 4.0 , ISO 250

MOV file, FHD, 25.00P, IPB

I first tried filming at FHD 50.00P ALL-I, but the quality was very soft and choppy, and so I read that switching to 25.00P would help with a smoother frame rate, and I did, but the quality is definitely not full HD.


I'm more or less a total amateur in terms of the immense scope/complexity of video, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. And if you need more details or questions please ask, not totally sure how much context to give.

Thanks in advance for the help!


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Re: 5D Mark IV video setting issues!!!

Hi Saviomendonza,

I don't see your sample images, but I have a couple quick tips.

First, if you want a cleaner looking video then a higher frame rate may be a better way to go. the lower frame rate allows for a slower shutter speed meaning movement carries a little bit of blur with it. A lot of people like this because it can seem more natural but it also often means your image will have a somewhat softer look to it if you use a slower frame rate in conjunction with a slower shutter speed. It may also be a good idea to bump the ISO up just a little bit, maybe 400 or 640. This could allow you to close the lens down a little more which should help.

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Re: 5D Mark IV video setting issues!!!

Hi, Saviomendonza!

Inserting images into a post is easy.  When composing your message, click the "Insert/Edit Image" icon at the top of the text box. It's near the center and it's a square with a pair of mountain peaks in it. You'll get instructions from there.

That's all there is to it. We look forward to seeing what you share!

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Re: 5D Mark IV video setting issues!!!

Still images require sufficient lighting. But video always seems to look better with as much light as you can pour into it.


I don't know how much natural light you're using, but in my limited video experience it seems like there's no such thing as too much light. If nothing else, it will allow you to keep the aperture closed down more and give you more depth of field.


Are you certain that you're shooting at full HD resolution? Are your results getting compressed too much in editing? Try shooting in manual exposure and manual focus so the camera's not trying to make adjustments without your consent.


Don't worry too much about bumping up the ISO a bit if needed. Video seems a bit more forgiving if you think you're seeing a little noise.

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