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Re: 5D Mark IV plus EF 24-105 f/4L Kit

@Bevereeno wrote:

Thanks for the shout - I'm always on a tripod - so next up is to try Av mode.  Cheers

Tripod is good.  Use One Shot auto focus mode, and Single Shot drive mode.  Remember to use ISO 100 for low noise.


Manually select just the center AF point, too.  Never allow the camera to focus on whatever it wants, because it will usually select the closest thing to the camera that is covered by an AF point.


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Re: 5D Mark IV plus EF 24-105 f/4L Kit

If you're shooting in Auto mode, are you using the Green Square or the P (Program) mode? The Green Square leaves you with almost no choices to make. Using Program mode will give you at least some control over more camera settings.


As mentioned already, A/V mode with a tripod is probably your best bet at least for shots like the two you've posted above. Then work with a single AF point, either in the center or wherever the main subject is in your frame. Your first shot has a lot of small details but not a lot of contrast in those areas. I think the camera got a bit confused when you asked it to select multiple AF points for you.


If you need more DOF don't be afraid to stop down a bit more and raise your ISO if needed. Your Rebel XS may have balked at higher ISOs but a 5D should have no problem dealing with ISO 400, 800, or even higher.

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Re: 5D Mark IV plus EF 24-105 f/4L Kit

Thanks for the advice guys - I really appreciate it.



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