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5D Mark IV Main Dial Issue & More

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You can count me in as another person with problems with my 5D mark iv. I've only just joined this forum as I have been searching for answers. 


My camera has not locked up (yet), however the front dial by the shutter button is behaving strangely. It often takes several clicks to move to the next value when selecting shutter speed and in the menu system, it may take several clicks to get to the next menu, or sometimes it jumps menus, or even goes in the opposite direction.


I bought it 2 yrs and 2 months ago and it has a shutter count of 18,000.


Another odd thing I noticed today. When I tried to view images on the CF card I got a strange white line along one side, and just black - it was an empty card. The SD card (also empty) came up with the 'no image' message. I reformatted the card (again) and this time it did come up with the 'no image' message.


I do vaguely remember having a problem with it once before, a long time ago. I think removing the battery sorted it on that occasion. I cannot remember the issue, but I think the camera was completely unusable.  

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Re: 5D Mark IV Main Dial Issue & More

Are you here asking for advice?


What I would do??  Contact Canon. 

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Re: 5D Mark IV Main Dial Issue & More

Call Canon 1 (800) 652-2666

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Re: 5D Mark IV Main Dial Issue & More

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Thanks ebiggs1 and shadowsports. I am in the UK and have contacted Canon UK . They have got back to me and told me I need to send it in for repair. 


I was harbouring a little hope that it was a firmware issue. 


My main reason for posting was just to log it as another 5D mk 4 with a problem as one person here appeared to be collecting data on that. I confess I was a little unsure though how to progress as I've never had a problem with a body before - rather disappointing to say the least. 

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