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Re: 5D Mark IV Freezing up

What exact setups are both shooters using when this problem occurs (RAW, JPG, or both recording, which card, dual card, etc)?  


Memory cards can create lots of issues because the hardware/operating software doesn't always handle unexpected failures gracefully and a lockup can occur.  Try a single known good card (either CF or SD but avoid micro cards plus adapter which inserts another potential failure variable).  Get the card from B&H or a trusted local retailer, a lot of the stuff sold online including from the elephant sized etailer is counterfeit with memory (cards, USB sticks, etc.) being one of the most commonly counterfeited items available. 


With a known good card also stress test the system by having it shoot RAW plus JPG in a sustained burst in high speed "drive" mode which loads the processors and battery system to their maximum.  


Unfortunately Canon may have some glitch in the firmware not yet identified that creates a lockup under specific timing conditions and documenting as well as possible exactly what transpired in the few minutes prior to the lockup can speed the repair resolution for your camera and others.  Canon service is generally rather exceptional so document the attempted repairs and problems so that once a resolution is identified your camera can be properly fixed.  Use your phone or another camera to shoot video of the lockup symptoms before you clear it via battery removal to document the problem.  It may help Canon to diagnose the issue, properly documents that it occurred (thus a time stamp for this video is useful), and it removes any doubt they may have about the customer is somehow imagining the problem.



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Re: 5D Mark IV Freezing up

Freeze not every time, but often. I try many type of CF memory card, but problem persisting, no matter which card I use.

I take pictures using Live View more but using and VF. When camera freezing up not responding to LV button, nor I could take any picture, pressing the shutter button does nothing. Black lcd screen, top screen is fine. Turning the camera on/off does not help. The only solution is to remove and reinstall the battery. 

I use my phone to shoot video of the lockup symptoms and send to Canon, but thay say noting more Smiley Sad


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