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Re: 5D Mark IV Dead Body. NO power

@Robin58 wrote:

We are looking at one specific problem on the 5D MK IV - a dead body with no power. If there were a series of problems being grouped together for one particular camera, then I would agree that the sample size would have to be much greater in each problem category. The original post was in an endeavour to discover whether one particular problem was becoming more prevalent amongst MK IV owners. In any event, analysts usually work on sample poll results as being representative of around 10% of a total. For example, when 2 million people march in a protest, they figure that is around 10% of the people that feel the same way about something - the other 90% just haven't bothered making their feelings known publicly for whatever reason. ...

Are you a professional statistician? Unless you are, I don't think I believe that the reasoning you attribute to "analysts" has any basis in fact. Unless you can prove otherwise, it sounds to me like something you simply invented to support your argument.

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Re: 5D Mark IV Dead Body. NO power

To be frank (even though my name is Robin - LOL!) I think you are missing the point somewhat and arguing unecessarily against irrelevant points. As someone who's MK IV exhibited the same problem that the OP originally specified - and which some others have also expereinced - I had assumed that the problem had been encountered under the same conditions as mine - that there was no apparent reason. No getting wet, dropping, subject to excessive heat etc. etc.

I'm sure that had anyone subjected their MK IV to an unreasonable condition or situation that they would have had the sense to assume the problem may have resulted from that. The MK IV is still currently being sold, so who knows how many may develop the fault? Most seem to have occurred outside the warranty period from what I can gather.  Raising the subject in a forum is at least one person's attempt to discover if any other MK IV owners had suffered a similar problem. Turns out they have - and it wasn't a small insignficant problem either, a dead camera is just a load of useless plastic, glass, electronics etc. held together in a shape that fits the hands, but is of absolutely no use whatsoever.

I had a problem on my car that prevented it from being driven. It was out of warranty and a garage charged me for repairing it. Later the manufacturer issued an update to the engine management software that addressed the very problem I had suffered, which actually occurred again on my car shortly afterwards. I requested the garage that had charged me for the repair undertake the upgrade and re-imburse the cost of the original repair. They refused on the grounds that the original fault had been dealt with to the best of their ability and knowledge at that tme. The manufacturer disagreed and re-imbursed me, saying that the problem had only come to light from the number of vehicles exhibiting the same problem. If this forum leads to just one person being re-imbursed, compensated or receiving a replacement and additionally having this problem eliminated completely with a recall/upgrade/modification or whatever, then it will have served a useful purpose. Please remember what the OP was after - other people's experiences that may have highlighted a particular problem as being more widespread than he had experienced as an individual, not excuses or supposition for what may have caused it. They are irrelevant.

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Re: 5D Mark IV Dead Body. NO power

Do you know the definition of a 'poll'? 'Poll definition, a sampling or collection of opinions on a subject, taken from either a selected or a random group of persons, as for the purpose of analysis.' The protest march in the UK against going to war with Iraq several years ago was attended by around 2 million people and it was assumed that they were a 10% representative of the total who were against it. I don't want to digress from the OP, I was using the statistics as an example and I did say that it was a usual method used on sample poll results. What I think we can assume is that the number of MK IV's suffering from this particular problem could well be higher than the number who have responded on this particular forum. 

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Re: 5D Mark IV Dead Body. NO power

"I had assumed that the problem had been encountered under the same conditions as mine"


Just out of my own curiosity Robin or Frank, why would you assume that?  If you are piling up a statistical sampling don't you want to know all the facts?


No matter how many protest marches or broken cars you might cite, it has no bearing on faulty 5D Mk IV cameras. Your sample size and supporting data are just too small. 10, 20, 50 failures over the thousands upon thousands in use is minuscule.

I hate it that anybodies camera fails but it happens.   Even a 100 is too small, consider this, if only ten-thousand 5D4s were made and 100 failed, that is .01% One-hundred thousand were made and it's .001%.  The 5 series line is one of Canon's best sellers.


I feel for you but that's all we can derive form this. It doesn't prove there is a problem inherent to the 5D Mk IV, perhaps there is.  I am not saying there isn't, just that several replies on several forums is no proof of anything except bad luck or maybe misuse.

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Re: 5D Mark IV Dead Body. NO power



This has veered far enough off topic.


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