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5D Mark IV Choppy Jerky 4K Video Playback

I'm sure this is an old issue, but I'm new to this Camera; but why is the 4K MOV video playback jerky and choppy?  Is it a camera setting issue or computer/software issue?

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Re: 5D Mark IV Choppy Jerky 4K Video Playback

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Hi awhite269,


This behavior typically indicates the hardware of the computer is having a hard time keeping up with the 4K video playback. An easy way to tell if there is a computer hardware issue is to view the footage on the camera's LCD screen. If the videos playback fine on the camera's screen, but are jerky on the computer, then there is likely an issue with the hardware requirements.


If you click HERE, and scroll down to the NOTE EOS MOVIE Utility 1.7 section, you will see a list of minimum recommended hardware specs for 4K video.


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Re: 5D Mark IV Choppy Jerky Video

I shot a one hour event on my new 5dMark4's recently (1920x1080, All-I, 29.97 fps--on a tripod) and a lot of the footage appears truncated/choppy/jerky when played on VLC, Quicktime, FCPX, and Premiere Pro. I've tried the Eos Movie Utility and it's the only app that will play the footage smoothly. I've tried encoding to ProRes422 and MP4, but it's still jerky. It's like the frame was cut in half horizontally and shifted against each other so the image doesn't line up. Oddly, it's not on all the footage from the cameras. Also shot a 70D on the same settings and the footage is smooth. The ultimate problem is not in the previewing, but the footage also renders choppy. Has anyone seen this issue? And what is the solution? Is it possible that the footage is damaged, despite playing smoothly, if laggy, in the EOS Movie Ulitility? Also, the files were broken up into 4 gb files, but one was not, it ended up being a 17 gb file and that larger file had no choppiness.

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Re: 5D Mark IV Choppy Jerky Video

Can it write fast enough to the SD card? Try a CF card. Also, depending on format of SD card, 4gb is the max file size.
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