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30d mods

hey guys,

i am being given a 30d for free and was wondering if it would be possible to change the sensor to a newer better one like the 40d or 50d and or put in a new processor digic 4 etc??

hope to hear you replies 

kind regards josh

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Re: 30d mods

No, it is not possible. 


The 30D is a fine camera and can take great photos.  Newer cameras have more megapixels, and have less noise at high ISO, but for everyday photos in good light, I doubt you would notice a difference  

Mike Sowsun
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Re: 30d mods

It is most likely not even cost effective to 'replace' the correct 30D sensor if you wanted too.

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Re: 30d mods

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I agree...


Use the camera as is... It's quite capable in most situations. I used a pair of 30Ds for several years and got a lot of great shots with them. I've upgraded to newer models twice, primarily for better high ISO/low light performance and for a bit more enlargeability/cropability. But if light is reasonable (up to ISO 800... maybe 1600 with some extra work), you "fill the viewfinder" and use good lenses on 30D, they are very capable cameras.


Internet sizes and resolutions don't do them justice, but I've printed this 30D image 11x14 and 12x18...


Sadie, after the dance


...And this 30D image has been printed up to 8x10, so far...


Western grebe


...And this 30D image has been printed 8x10 and 11x14:


Praying mantis


Other 30D images I've printed as large as 16x24".


The lenses you use on it will make more difference than the camera.


Enjoy your new (to you) camera!


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Re: 30d mods

30D is still my backup camera. I have used it for years. It's a great camera.

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