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20D focus / shut down

My 20D has recently developed a randomly occurring problem.  It seems to be having a problem focusing. When I press the shutter button to focus, the focus moves in and out then stops out of focus and shuts down the camera. The LCD screen is dark and the shutter will not fire. The LCD on top of the camera is still on but not the one on the back.  I can turn the camera off and back on and it will almost always start working again. Any idea what's wrong and what I can do about it.  I use the camera for work and really can't afford to buy a new one or pay a high price repair bill... plus I can't be without the camera for weeks.  My lens is a Sigma DC 18-200mm with optical stabilizer.  I also use a Canon 580EX flash but the issue happens with a flash and without.


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Re: 20D focus / shut down

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How oldare the batteriies? Could be a bad cell failing under load. If they are relatively new are they Canon brand or aftermarket? Many aftermarket brands aren't very good but there are also many that are & price paid usually helps determine which you got. That said do a hard reset by removing the battery PLUS the time / date battery for at least a helf hour to see whether it's an internal  software  issue.

If none of that helps used 20D's are selling in the $200-250 range & worth every penny if they weren't abused..

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