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recover image

i need to recover jpeg image from rebel eos

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Re: recover image

Don't use the memory card. Don't delete. Don't format. Remove it from the camera.

Try any of the many file recovery programs available, some are free. 

Sandisk has a very good one.

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Re: recover image

Do you just need to download/copy the JPEG to a computer? Or do you need to recover a file that's been "lost" for some reason?


Downloads are easy. If you have a card reader, that's the fastest way. Remove the memory card from the camera, pop it into the card reader. Some computers have softwares installed that automatically start and, maybe, even automatically download any images they find on the card.


Instead I simply navigate to the card in the reader, which simply looks like an additional storage drive, then drag and drop the image files that I find there into a folder I've prepared for them on my computer. That's a little more work than one of the automatic processes, but no big deal and by doing it myself I stay in full control of what's copied over and how.


If you don't have a card reader, it's possible to connect the camera to the computer via a USB cord. This is a bit slower and I prefer to use a card reader instead, but it works in a pinch.


If you are trying to recover a lost file, see the previous post. I have used a software from Lexar called Image Rescue, as well as the Sandisk s'ware mentioned. They both work pretty well, though it depends upon why the image is lost. If it was simply that the memory card got formatted accidentally, and nothing else has been done with it yet, they will pretty much find all the files on there. If other images have been written to the card since the formatting, some of the older images might not be recoverable. Or if the images on the memory card somehow got corrupted, they may or may not be recoverable.  


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