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can i use external flash with rebel T5


i have EOS REBEL T5 , got some question


1. Can i use third party external flash in the slave mode ( non hot shoe mode) ?


2. When i go under my camera's MENU -> Flash Control -->External flash func. setting


i am seeing an error message displayed saying ,


"Menu not available. Flash is off or unsupported, or an accessory is attached ."


so what is missing or what could be wron here

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Re: can i use external flash with rebel T5

Hi Kulbhusan,


Thank you for posting.


If your flash does not use the hot shoe, the camera cannot detect it. Please refer to the flash's manufacturer for compatibility and for instructions for the use of this flash.

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Re: can i use external flash with rebel T5

I don't have a T5, and my full-frame bodies do not have built-in pop-up flashes, but my 60Da does... 


On that camera, I have to go into the "Flash Control" and in that menu there's a sub-menu for "internal flash func." as well as one for "external flash func."


The place where it gets confusing, is that the "external" is ONLY for control of a flash that is connected to the hot-shoe.  The "internal" controls the pop-up flash.  


But when you want to use the internal pop-up flash to trigger an external flash (which is E-TTL or E-TTL II compatible) then you actually use the "internal" flash control menu to tell the internal flash that you want it to behave as a master flash that will communicate with and control external wireless flashes.


The menus change a bit depending on camera model, so you should consult your manual for how this is done.


If your external flash is not designed to be compatible with the Canon E-TTL or E-TTL II system, then this option wont work.


However, some 3rd party flashes have an extremely simple optical triger (then it detects a flash from any other flash in the area... it fires.  That means these extremely simple flashes would fire when your on-camera flash fires... but they'll also fire when any other photographer in the area fires a flash.  Basically a burst of light is all it takes to trigger them.


There are also some low-cost triggers that you can purchase (3rd party devices) ... the trigger is usually attached to the camera hot-shoe and another unit is attached either to the foot of the external flash(es).


For Canon flashes, I highly recmmend you look for videos and articles by Syl Arena and/or buy the "Speedliter's Handbook" (by Syl Arena).  


For non-Canon flashes, you can pick up a lot of useful tips reading the Strobist blog (




Tim Campbell
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Re: can i use external flash with rebel T5

Thanks for the detailed info and guidance

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