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Wireless transfer of videos

I just transferred a combination of pictures and videos to my android from EOS t6 via Canon Connect but only the photos transferred, not the videos.  Why would this happen?


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Re: Wireless transfer of videos

The file size of videos can be humungous compared to still photo files. Are you sure your android has enough memory capacity to accept them? There may also be a maximum file size allowable for wireless transfer. But then, I know nearly nothing about smartphone or android devices.

Could it be that the video file type produced by the camera is not recognized or playable by android? Maybe try transferring a short, 5 second, lower resolution video clip and see if it responds differently. This is assuming that you've been trying to transfer longer HD video clips.

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Re: Wireless transfer of videos

Hi Lorrik65,


BurnUnit was on the right track when talking about the size of video files compared to image files. The built-in Wi-fi of the Rebel T6 is not able to transfer videos wirelessly.


Even if thumbnails of the video files can be seen on the phone when browsing the memory card contents with the Canon Camera Connect App, the files cannot be transferred. This information can be found on page 35 of the camera's Wi-fi manual HERE.


If you have further questions about the Wi-fi of your camera I recommend contacting our Technical Support team HERE or at the link below.

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