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Video remote for Canon T3i

Hi there,


I have a Canon T3i that i use to shoot videos of dogs at animal shelters with a cage. Does anyone have a suggestion for a remote that i can use that will actuate the video start/end feature? I didnt know if a regular **bleep**ter release would do this or not.


Please advise.



Eric Anderson

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Re: Video remote for Canon T3i

Hi -


Did you ever get a response to this question? I too am interested in a remote for starting / stopping video recording.






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Re: Video remote for Canon T3i

carpetking and rwmorey,


You can use the separately sold RC-6 remote to start and stop movie shooting.  On the RC-6, there is a small switch.  Set it to the (2) setting, then press the button to start recording, again to stop.

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Re: Video remote for Canon T3i

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Great - I have been looking for exactly this information for a while, thanks! However, I see no "accept solution" button.

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Re: Video remote for Canon T3i

Hi, guitareth!  We hit the button for you! Smiley Happy

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Re: Video remote for Canon T3i

Be sure to set the drive mode on your camera from single shot or whatever to 10sec Remote mode first to use the RC-6. Page 89 of your manual. The RC-6 has a slide switch on the back with a "dot" and the number 2, in Photo Mode the switch in the "dot" position will focus and take a picture when the button is pressed, in the 2 position it will focus then a 2 sec delay and take the picture. In Movie mode position 2 starts and stops the recording when the button is pressed. If you want to take a still picture slide the switch to the "dot", press the button and take the picture. Nice handy accessory and not too pricey I got a new one on an auction site for $8.99/free shipping too. Amazon sells for about $20+

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Re: Video remote for Canon T3i

Thanks - yes I have an Amazon remote and it does as you say. My next problem is how to tell if the video is actually working if I'm in front of the camera and the view screen is closed (to save power). Often the video stops recording for unknown reason.

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Re: Video remote for Canon T3i

Not sure if your model can use an external display or not. But as to the recording stopping on it's own that does occur with most DSLR's, they are not really designed for extended vidoe shots, they have a tendency to over heat and shut the video recording down to keep from damageing the camera, how soon they shut down depends on the amount of data being processed as well as the ambient condition (IE will shut down sooner in hot conditions and will give a little extra recording time say in outdoor winter conditions.)


So the auto shut off while not desireable is a good thing ( at least to me it is, My camera is expensive and would be hard to replace if I damaged it due to overheating.)

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