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Thoughts on Canon EOS Rebel T6

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 Hello everyone,,

I'm looking into buying my first profesional camera and I found this one. I don't have a big budget so I think it might be a good option. Have you used it? Is it good for beginner's photography? I would really appreciate any comment. I'll leave the link to it below. Either way, thank you for your feedback and have a nice day!!

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Re: Thoughts on Canon EOS Rebel T6

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You can expect a Moderator to delete the Amazon link.  It is against forum policy to post links to something being sold.  They do allow exceptions, like links to Canon’s own online e*store web site.  


Buying big ticket items from Amazon is not something that I would recommend anyone should do.  There are too many unscrupulous sellers on Amazon, selling stuff WITHOUT a real warranty.  You do want a Canon authorized factory warranty, right?






The T6 is designed to be a basic entry level camera for someone with no previous experience with a DSLR.  It is also designed for someone who wants a DSLR camera, but only for occasional use.  Most burgeoning photo enthusiasts outgrow entry level cameras within a year or two, frequently within a matter of months.


This is a better deal than almost anything you would see on Amazon.  Do not be drawn into the deal with all of the junk accessories thrown in.


The Rebel T6 is not considered to be a professional grade camera.  Canon offers DSLR camera bodies that fall into one of three categories: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.  The T6 falls into the Beginner category, greeting you at the door as you enter the world of DSLR cameras.  All Rebel cameras are entry level cameras, but some are far more advanced than a T6.


If you really want to be a camera hobbyist, then spend a little more than the least expensive camera in the category.  Most hobbyists like the more advanced Rebel bodies like the T7i, which is almost in the Intermediate category with the 77D.


Here is the best value DSLR that Canon currently offers, the 80D.


It is a REALLY good camera, packed with many professional grade features.  Just about the only things “not professional” about it are the button layout, and the lack of a full weather sealed body with a magnesium allow chassis.

Buy it right the first time, and you will only buy it once!


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Re: Thoughts on Canon EOS Rebel T6

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In addition to all of Waddizzle's great advice... 


The 80D is a better buy all the way around.  Not just because it costs more.  The 80D body is a better long term invesment and will give you plenty of room to grow as your skill and experience increases.


Don't be afraid to purchase refurb from Canon's online store.  Canon't refurb products come with the same 1 yr warranty as their new products.  A couple of my Canon lenses are refurbs...  All excellent, all perfect. 5 stars all the way. 

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Re: Thoughts on Canon EOS Rebel T6

First don't, never ever, buy a camera kit from Amazon or ebay. They generally include a bunch of junk that is nothing but junk and useless.  You want to buy just a camera and lens(s).  All Canon brand not any off brand stuff.  Bad idea for beginners.

The T6 kit from a good retailer is your best choice.  Yo probably have a local camera store or Best Buy? I know BB had a Rebel T6 kit for $400 bucks. The Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm IS II and EF 75-300mm III lens.  This is about as good as it gets for a starter.  Also going local you can get hands on a big plus even if it is slightly more expensive than mail order.

Being a beginner you don't know what you want, yet.  Hopefully the bug will bite you and you will want to move up later. That kit includes a Canon 18-55mm lens and a Canon 75-300mm lens so that you can cover the full range with your new camera. The T6 has an 18-megapixel sensor, DIGIC 4+ image processing and full 1080p video recording.  That's all a newbie needs to start with that does not want to break the bank right off.

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