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Thinking of upgrading T2i...

I'm an amateur photographer, photographing primarily newborns, children and families. I currently use a T2i, the kit lens it came with and a 50 prime. I'm a little unsure of what my next camera body should be to take my photography to the next level. What might you suggest given the subject of my images? Thanks for your help!

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Re: Thinking of upgrading T2i...

I think you need lenses more than a new body. For reasons below I think the lenses should be EF Lenses, not EFS lenses so they will work on full frame later.

The only thing you would gain with another crop body would be complex autofocus for sports and fast motion, or a rugged metal waterproof body or better movie making with dual pixel AF. . The basic image quality of the crop sensors for stills has not changed a lot since the T2i.

Since none of your subjects are sports or race cars, you are not shooting in extreme rough conditions and you are not primarily doing movies, I think when you get a body a good choice would be a full frame like 6d. That will give you better indoor and dim light shooting in existing light.

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Re: Thinking of upgrading T2i...

Thanks, Scott. I really appreciate the response. I've been keen on the 6D for a while, and think that might be the jump I make, but you make a great point about the better lenses. 

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Re: Thinking of upgrading T2i...

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I will disagree with Scott's suggestion just a little.  A new Rebel T5i or the newer T6i is going to be a lot better in features than your T2i.  The sensor may not be all that better but the rest of the system will be.  What you have in lenses will work without notice.

However, if you truly want to do a upgrade, what is the goal?  Is full frame (6D)?  Or are the Rebel, 70D or even 7D Mk II in your sights?  You really need to consider all this.  But the bottom line is all about lenses.  Lenses are where its at.  You know the best lens in the world is useless with out a body and a good body makes that best lens in the world even better.


None of your kit lenses from the T2i will even bolt up to a 6D.  They will become useless.  The 50mm will, however.  Before you jump ship, take a good look at the T5i and the new T6i.  A T5i/T6i and the EF-S 17-55 f/2.8 IS USM would be a killer outfit.

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Re: Thinking of upgrading T2i...

When shooting with your T2i...what Mode are you using? 


If you are only using the Auto modes and not using the Manual, Aperature, and Shutter modes, then perhaps you should not upgrade your body till you gain more experience with M,A and T modes.

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Re: Thinking of upgrading T2i...

Without seeing your images, I have no idea what "the next level" is.


In controlled lighting, any camera body will do... you could downgrade bodies and still get outstanding results.  


The order in which things improves the images is:


1.  Skill - photographer knowledge

2.  Lighting - and knowing how to controll it (see #1 above).  Specifically the ability to create soft/diffuse off-camera lighting.

3.  Lenses - appropriateness for the type of photography you are doing.

4.  Camera body (in last place.)


But depending on why you want a new body... the recommendation would change.  A T5i will have a nicer interface and better controls as well as a better focus system.  But a T5i wont have better noise performance when shooting at high ISO.  A T6i would have improved ISO performance.  The jump to any current generation full-frame camera would provide a big jump in low noise at high ISO performance.


Portraiture is usually improved with longer focal length, low focal ratio lenses (especially lenses with a lot of aperture blades... the 50mm f/1.8 isn't so great with it's 5 aperture blades, but the f/1.4 version has 8 blades and it makes a noticeable difference.  This is one of many factors that improves the look of background blur.  My 135mm f/2 and 70-200mm f/2.8 are the favorites for portraits.




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