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T7i live view vs view finder

Hey!! I'm brand new to the dslr community. Just got my T7i a few days ago. Been messing around with different modes. I've noticed that when I'm in Apeture priority mode and I take a pic in live view then switch it to view finder and take a pic. The pic from live view is brighter and has a higher auto iso than the view finder. Is it just my camera? My metering mode? The focus points? Any input would be awesome!
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Re: T7i live view vs view finder

Focusing and metering through the viewfinder uses a different set of sensors compared to Live View.

I suggest that you buy yourself a nice professional grade tripod, one made from aluminum allow or carbon fiber, something which you cannot buy at the Big Blue box stores.  Find a comfortable chair, mount the camera on tripod directly in front of you, and have copy of the Instruction Manual within arms reach on a tablet or an iPad.   And, have at it.


While many will not admit it, every photo enthusiast that I have asked has admitted that they have place, or something, which they like to photograph over and over, and over again.  It serves as a training ground.  These somethings are almost always outdoors, so that you can catch bright sunlight.  It is where they go whenever they have something a new, be it a lens, or even a new idea.


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