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What's the best Lens to use for my T4i. My daughter play basketball and I can't seem to get any close-up shots. I'm using the 55-25- MM  f/4-5.6 telephoto zoom lens

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Re: T4i

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Can't get any closeup shots as in, you just can't get zoomed in enough, or you're not getting good quality closeups?


As far as reach, there's not much more you can do without spending a lot of money.  You could get a super-zoom that goes up to 300mm, but that's not much additional over the 250mm.  Anything beyond that (from Canon) gets expensive.  Alternately you could look into a Sigma or Tamron zoom in 400-500mm range, but even those you're looking at around $1000.


If it's quality then you're probably going to have to look at higher quality lenses.  Indoor basketball is tough to capture at f/5.6 with a camera that can't shoot high iso.  Of course, these lenses cost a lot of money too.  Can you use flash?


Of course, your other option is to try to get physically closer.

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Re: T4i

Other than not getting in tight enough how are your images turning out? Most shooting basketball complain that can't get sharp enough images which usually has a lot to do with the lighting. If you need a longer lens your options are limited and in most cases you'll have to give away some of the wide end to go longer or alternate different lenses as the game goes on. the next most common zoom range is 70-300 followed by 100-400 which seems too long to me. There are 2 other Canon lenses which most likely would meet your needs but one's expensive & the other is long ago discontinued & has to be bought used I have both & shoot action with them & they are more than capable with fast AF systems but they are also a bit heavy, especially the current model which has IS. They are the older 35-350 L & the 28-300 L IS and to the best of my knowledge have no rivals from any manufacturer.

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