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T3i stopped working.

I have a new T3i (~200 images, bought in November) that stopped functioning properly today.

I was taking pictures outside in bright sunlight. My 55mm was attached and I changed lenses to the 100mm macro. The camera was on during the switch, which i've never done - i always turn it off first. Once the macro was attached i clicked the live mode to exit the setting screen on the LCD and view the scene live. At this point nothing happened. The setting screen stayed.

With no luck, I attempted to turn the camera off and turn it back on, but this only resulted in the camera not turning on. It is a brick at this moment. 

I checked the battery level a minute or two before this happened. it was full.      

Any thoughts? Thank you

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Re: T3i stopped working.

I'd try :

1. Turn switch off

2. Remove lens

3. Remove battery

4. Press and hold shutter button (to deplete capacitance charge within camera)

5. Wait at least 20 seconds

6. Replace battery.

7. Power on and see if it powers up.

8. If not, remove battery.  Look within battery compartment, there should be a small access door, remove the date battery within that.

9. Repeat steps 1 through 7.


I've absently minded changed lenses and removed memory cards while the camera was on numerous times without any problems...very strange what you've run into. Good luck.

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Re: T3i stopped working.

What 55mm lens are you talking about?

Do you mean you changed lenses with the camera still in live view?   This may not be a good thing? I've never done that but I don't use live view!

Just leaving the camea on has no effect on lens swapping.


I do think the removing all batteries is a good idea but yoiu need way, way more than 20 seconds. This may reset the camera and well worth a try. I don't now how much, if anything, pressing the shutter button does. Although it seems to have some merit and following from people on the net. Can't hurt, I guess. But leave the batteries out for hours, not just 20 seconds.


While all the batteries are out of the camera, recharge them. Even if you think it is already charged.

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