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T3i camera

How do I change the color settings on my T3i camera. from color to sepia, Black & white...etc.

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Re: T3i camera

Do you mean Picture Styles?



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Re: T3i camera

There is also a color temp settings that will change the color of the final picture.  Make sure it matches the light you are shooting under unless you are after the color effect.


All of this can and should be done in post processing.  Not in the camera.

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Re: T3i camera

The camera has built-in "creative filters", which can be applied during image playback. Applying a creative filter creates a new image file with your changes, while leaving the original file untouched. You can have your camera store pictures in the RAW format, which is highly recommended. You can download the RAW files to a PC running Digital Photo Professional for additional changes. You can also free programs like "Paint Dot Net" to create sepia images.

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Re: T3i camera

The camera has several picture styles built-in, but you can also create your own "picture styles" using the Canon software (on your computer).  


While you can select and apply picture style choices in camera at the time of shooting, I prefer to adjust color on the computer after importing the images -- you have a bit more control that way and if you don't like a change you can always undo it (you aren't committed.) 



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