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T2i won't turn on, but built-in flash still pops up?

I have a T2i and it has been working fine for years. However, the other day, I went to turn it on and it simply wouldn't power up. There is no light, nothing on the LCD screen, no autofocus, nothing. The weird thing is, the built-in flash still releases in pops up when I press the button or in certain modes of the camera. I thought it may just be the battery, so I order a new one. But the same thing happened, only the flash pops up. Does anyone have any idea as to what might be going on or how much it would cost to repair?

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Re: T2i won't turn on, but built-in flash still pops up?

There is a possibility that you set your display to remain off (even when the camera is on). If you press the "menu" button, the display should illuminate with the menu (even if the display was set to remain off). If you power on the camera then press "menu", do you get anything on the LCD display?

As for cost to repair, you'd have to consult with Canon. They probably wont be able to give you a price over the phone because they wont know what is causing the problem until they inspect it. Check the price on a refurbished new camera so you have an idea at what point it would be better to just replace it rather than repair it.

Here's a link to the Canon "Refurbished" store:

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Re: T2i won't turn on, but built-in flash still pops up?

Hi mattd43!


Welcome to the Canon Community Forums, and thanks for your post!


Tim offers some great advice (as usual), but some additional food for thought is that if you were to call our award-winning US-based technical support team, they'll offer you the opportunity to talk to our Canon Loyalty Program specialists, where you'll be given an even steeper discount over the great deals already offered on Canon Direct on all new and refurbished cameras!  


Please feel free to CONTACT US either by phone during business hours or email 24 hours a day!


We hope this helps!

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