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Re: Shutter button for long duration photo

@francosh wrote:

Thank you very much Tim for this very well explanation!


Now i understand more this process and filter. I will need to make test about what i want to make in photo.


If i take a photo of the sky changing, without the sun with filter ND 400 or 1000 on a objectif. Will it create reflections (ghosting)? 


Will it be interesting a long duration photo in this case? Also, I want to be sure before to begin this type of photo that duration shoot with a digital camera will not getting warm and hot the sensor... I think that with 35 mm that is ok, but digital is calculing the time. Any chance that my camera can broke with long duration photo?


Thank you for your help!


Yes, there is always a chance of damage to the camera gear.  There is a chance of damage to your eyes, too.  Make sure that your light is filtered BEFORE it enters your lens.  You should also seriously consider a time lapse video, which means taking a photo every few seconds, or so.  A two hour exposure is going to create on big smear across the sky, at best, like a photo of a giant star trail.


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