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Rebel t6 and hotspot

I am using the camera connect on my t6 and it works fine on regular wifi. If I move outdoors I would like to use the phone hot spot.I can see the connection in my camera and put in the password but it won't connect. I notice that the ssid in the app always shows the wifi connection so how do I change it to the hotspot ssid?



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Re: Rebel t6 and hotspot

I suspect you may have to tell the camera to create the WiFi and have the phone join the camera.  


It seems to me I tested it the other way (the way you are doing it where the phone creates the WiFi and the camera joins the phone) and I think internal rules act like a little firewall so that all the devices can only access the Internet, but not each other.  This probably depends on which phone you use and how they implement the WiFi hotspot / sharing feature.


But I'd give it a try with the camera creating the WiFi (not the phone's WiFi hotspot) and see if that doesn't fix the problem.



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