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Rebel XS - edges of photos are blurry

When taking pictures with my Rebel XS, I've noticed that the edges, especially the right edge, of my photos are very blurry, particularly with my 18-55 lens. The blur is fairly consistent across exposures, lighting situations etc.


I've included two photos below - the first is taken with the 18-55 lens, the second with my 50 lens. You can see that the first is quite distorted while the second is not.


Thank you for your help!



Example of blurry photo. Guitars on the top row, particularly on the right, are extremely blurry



Example of normal photo with 50 lens

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Re: Rebel XS - edges of photos are blurry

What were the settings for the first image? Especially the focal length and shutter?  I'm thinking that if you were near the 18mm focal length, that having soft edges will probably always be the case.


Although I do see that the right-hand area of the image does seem extra soft.


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Re: Rebel XS - edges of photos are blurry

Thanks, rs-eos,


It was close to 18mm at 1/50. Still seems excessively blurry to me on the right.

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Re: Rebel XS - edges of photos are blurry

It looks like your lens is de-centered. Try the newspaper test:

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Re: Rebel XS - edges of photos are blurry

Did you notice the left side is almost as OOF as the right?  Did you drop the lens or give a good hit recently assuming it was OK at one time?  Been wet? 

You have an XS and I also assume you have the original lens? The 50mil seems OK so my advice is to replace the older 18-55mm zoom with a new Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM Lens.  Repair of your lens is not an option, IMHO, so decentered or dropped or gotten wet is immaterial.


PS, perhaps a good "excuse" to upgrade all your gear with a new Rebel kit!  Smiley Very Happy

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