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Re: Rebel T3 1100 D shutter button is "freezing" or "locking up"

Yes, thanks.  I have been playing around with the ISO.  My next step is to put them on the computer at various ISO's to see if I can detect any difference on the larger screen. 


Your 7D is leagues above mineSmiley Happy  Yours is 2.2x less shutter lag when taking a pic, more than 2x faster continuous shooting, 2x faster maximum shutter speed, much longer battery life and the list goes on.  My husband bought my T3.  If I were buying, I would have picked the 7D to begin with for the larger viewfinder aloneSmiley Happy


Thank you again for your experience and help.  Your courtesy is appreciated.  Take care.



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Re: Rebel T3 1100 D shutter button is "freezing" or "locking up"

Because I don't know exactly what you'll be shooting at that event I'll suggest that getting a slightly noisy photo vs a slightly blurred one due to too slow a shutter speed for the situation (I don't know if there will be people / floats etc in motion) so TEST FIRST. As for the 7D (recently sold) it is a fine camera, especially at today's prices. I shoot high speed action so all of those features were required but last spring I bought a 1D mark lV which really suits my event needs.

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