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Re: New Cameras: M6, T7i, 77D

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Dear Bob,


You seem to be overly sensitive, or perhaps over-critical.  First off, I did not ridicule the wedding photographer, although I was criticizing the one who took a shot a me because I would prefer lighter gear.  Second of all, I took wedding photography for decades with my medium format Rollei TLR F2.8, so I can tell you that I have deep respect for their hard work.  So, I'll try to ignore your comment, "The next time you attend a wedding, instead of ridiculing the wedding photographer, blah, blah, blah, but it's hard to, because for some reason, you have come at me with very condescending statements. If you want to offer kind contributions, do so, but please ignore the habit of assuming (which you have done) and the tendency to speak condescendingly  to others.  This is not the place for that.  Thank you for respecting my space and if you want to answer sincere quesitons or points that I have presented, I appreciate that.  However, I don't appreciate when you speak down to me and your age is no excuse for that, either.


Thank you..


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Re: New Cameras: M6, T7i, 77D

"That does not meet my definition of “prosumer” camera."


That's nice but not conclusive.  It is a prosummer camera. The OP just wants to argue. Maybe he has nothing better to do.


I'm done.

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