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Panoramic settings on T5i

Just curious where the Panoramic Mode is on the Rebel T5i.. or how to set it so it shoots panoramic.

I thought there was a preset?

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Re: Panoramic settings on T5i

There is no Panoramic mode on the selector dial. But there is always Manual mode and you can do what you like.  Smiley Happy


There is also Landacape mode.  Is this what you are reffering to?

Landscape mode has been optimized for shooting landscape images. The camera is trying to boost the greens and blues in the image  The camera also uses the lowest ISO settings possible.  Landscape mode picture style also boosts the sharpness applied during processing.



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Re: Panoramic settings on T5i

To create a panorama, just shoot several images and overlap each by about 1/3rd.  It's easier to do on a tripod as hand-holding has the issue of one frame being a bit higher or lower than the previous and then the images have to be cropped to get rid of the mis-aligned edges.


Turning the camera sideways (vertical orientation) and overlapping across the horizontal direction will create a resulting image that has the panoramic detail... but does not result in such a short but very wide image.


Also... it's easier to do this in manual exposure mode.  When you use a mode that automatically selects the expousre, it is possible that your images will have been taken at different f-stops (altering the depth of field from frame to frame) and even holding the aperture conssitent in Av mode will allow the shutter speed to vary from frame to frame and this can result in noticeable differences when the frames are merged.    This means you really want to evalute the scene before picking your exposure.  Look for the brightest highlight and the deepest shadow.  Use "spot" metering mode on the camera to meter those exposure values, then find an exposure half-way between the two and use that exposure for all the frames.


Once you have all these images, the Canon "PhotoStitch" software that came on the CD along with your camera can merge the images together.  There is actually quite a variety of software that will merge the images together -- you can use anything you like.  



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Re: Panoramic settings on T5i

There is no preset like point and shoot for Panoramic. You have to do it manually which isn't hard at all.
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