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No Power On - Cannon 700D


I have Cannon 700D EOS old model. It's a without wifi model. 

Everything working fine and suddenly my camera not turning ON. After few tricks I give up and contected nearby service center. They sended my camera for repairing and service. Then after few days, service engineer called me and told me that, your camera is working fine here ! I recived it. When checked camera see the camera It's a working fine! I went to home, atteched lences and working fine too. I am so happy. But next morning, when I tried again, Oppsss... Camera again not working. Again  sended back to service center ! Same things happend gain.

After that, That service enginner suggest me try without memory card and lense  but before that you need to put your camera to some rest. And Ya... It's a working. Camera is turned on again. Now,

I got the issue.... Whenever I attaching my lence, and putting camera for rest then Camera is not working again.

So, please suggest me what's wrong with my camera or it's a lense issue ?

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Re: No Power On - Cannon 700D

Welcome to the forum.


When you sent the camera for repair did you send the lens as well?


Do you have more than one lens to try? If not, maybe a friend has one you could try?

John Hoffman
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Re: No Power On - Cannon 700D

Yes, I have 2 kit lense. I am facing the same issue with both lens.

And On the repairing time, I wasn't sent lense.

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Re: No Power On - Cannon 700D

When you were advised to "put your camera to some rest" is it possible that they meant to "reset your camera" to its default settings?


Are your kit lenses in fact Canon lenses? Have you tried using another known good battery? Are you using a full size SD card or a micro SD card with an adapter? Also be aware that there are switches on both the battery door and the memory card door that must be working properly before the camera will power up.

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Re: No Power On - Cannon 700D

Few days before, again I was sended camera to service center. At this time they replaced Camera MotherBoard, and looks like it's a working ! After 2 days, my comara is working nice. 

So, looks like finally service engineer resolved the issue.
Thanks to all of you for your positive and diffrent idas. They all helps somehow....

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