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ND filter for T3i?

Hey Canon Community,

I am back again with another question. I've played around with a polarizer filter and love what it does to the overall reflection of car windows and the slight color change (I do car photography) but I sometimes am put into a situation where I'm shooting on an overcast day with say, a white colored car, and the sky ends up being too bright no matter what aperture I'm using or shutter speed and the car doesn't stand out at all. I visited a local best buy and they didn't have any ND filters in stock and I also contacted SJ Camera and Video (for those of you who are from the SJ/Campbell area) but they don't have any in stock right now. So now my last option is searching on Amazon but the problem is, I don't know what type of filter I should get. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Re: ND filter for T3i?

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You might mean a graduated ND filter? They have half the filter dark, so you can put that part on the sky while the clear part is over the ground. It is kind of an old-school fix from the film days, before post processing on the computer existed, but people do still use them and they can work if you could line it up well with your image/composition.

A regular ND would just darken everything, which would allow you to use a slower shutter or a wider aperture, but neither of these would help with your sky being brighter than your subject.

If you underexposed for the car by a stop you might be able to use graduated filter in post processing to then raise the car a stop while darkening the sky one more stop and that plus your polarizer might give you some sky color and detail back.

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Re: ND filter for T3i?

It sounds like you have gone beyond the f-stop range or DR of the camera.  A post processiong editor is your answer.

I prefer Photoshop, it is the best.  It isn't for everybody and there are other choices.  Photoshop Elements is a good second choice.

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Re: ND filter for T3i?

I ended up just purchasing a ND square filter because I realized I have other uses for it as well. Thanks for all the help guys! Smiley Happy

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