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My camera cant focus

I own a canon 1500d, and it's newly brought but the focus isnt working, when i take pictures, the images are blury and i've tried to use AF but that dosent seem to work either. I'm afraid something is wrong. 

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Re: My camera cant focus

Welcome to the forum. 

1. Switch the camera to green square A+ setting on the dial


2. Switch lens switch to AF


3. Go outside around mid-day (nice and bright)


4. Select a subject like home, vehicle, person about 4 meters away. 

Take a photo. 

What happens?

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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Re: My camera cant focus

"Switch the camera to green square A+ setting on the dial:''


Actually this is only a partial solution. You need to reset the T7 to factory default.  The moment you put it off full auto (green square) it won't work again. You have played around without knowing what and incorrectly set something. If doing the reset and the camera not working as it should it needs servicing.


My advice is do the reset, Menus, tools, clear all settings and all custom settings.

Put the T7 in P mode (not full auto ((not green square)) ). ISO 200, average WB.  Put the lens in AF on the switch.

Sunny day outside take some random shoots of various subjects.

If it works, it works!  Great.  Now get a nice large glass of iced tea, sit down and read your manual.

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