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Re: Just bought a T6i, with wireless and NFC, but the 2 Canon apps say it's not compatible?!

@Waddizzle wrote:

Actually, there is a diagram of the capabilities.




The problem is that most people read "Wi-Fi", and think "networkable", which is not neccesarily the case.  The camera behaves more like a wireless bluetooth device than than anything else.  Notice the bidirectional arrows with the "smart device' in the illustration.  Your camera should be able to directly connect with many tablets, just not laptops and PCs.

And there was another diagram back when I bought my T6i.  I took a screenshot.




I emailed their support at the time, and their solution was to edit the website.  Fat load of good that does those of us who expected it to do what was advertised.


This is a case of straight up crippleware.  The connectivity is not an issue.  You can view scaled/mangled images from your pc via dlna etc, and this works via your existing home access point, no need to switch SSID's or anything.  (The necessary connectivity is there from a wifi/networking standpoint)


To make things even worse,  If you do want to use the wifi to send instagrams of your lunch to your facebooks, the USB is disabled, so you need to navigate the menus just to turn the wifi back off if you later want to plug it in to move photos to your pc.  This is just ridiculous.  There may be some technical reason that the wifi and usb can't be enabled simultaneously (shared resources, etc.), but that wouldn't be a big deal if you could wifi to transfer photos.  As it is, there's no point in even using the wifi, as it's such a lot of fiddling to turn it off and on constantly.


Keep in mind that everyone's usage of the camera is not the same.  Some people go out and take a pile of photos in one shoot and transfer them in bulk.  For those people, using a cable or card reader makes way more sense.


I frequently take detailed photos of projects, blog-style, where I'm often transferring a couple pictures at a time.  My old eyefi card that I had in my G12 was excellent in that regard.  I would just snap a picture of what I was working on and walk somewhere near my pc (and wifi AP), and the photo would appear on my pc, where I could immediately work with it.  No fiddling in menus, camera apps, or cables, etc.


This camera is entirely capable of that, but it's intentionally left out of the rebel models.



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Re: Just bought a T6i, with wireless and NFC, but the 2 Canon apps say it's not compatible?!

superb rundown and the closest solution we can get to! Thanks!
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