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How was this Photo Created ? ( image inside)

Hello, thank you for the help. I'm a fashion blogger on Instagram and want to be able to recreate this photo; what do I need; for example I need a large mirror and a bright room, is the photo being taken of the girl while she's looking in the mirror? What type of lens on my Canon rebel t4i will be good? Please tell me anything you can about how I can recreate this photo,  thank you!! IMG_6501.PNG

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Re: How was this Photo Created ? ( image inside)

You need:

1) A room painted white (even the floor)

2) A large mirror

3) Bright studio lighting carefully placed (to keep it from glaring off the mirror)

4) A model with severe lordosis

5) A steady tripod

6) Almost any lens


I think the bright lighting from the left may come through a window, or at least from a direction as though it came through a window.


And the model is (obviously) looking away from the mirror, not towards it.


Out of curiosity, why are you trying to duplicate that picture, rather than improve on it?

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Re: How was this Photo Created ? ( image inside)

[ Edited ]

IMG_5435.JPGlol I had to look up the definition of Lordosis!! Here's the thing;
My problem is that I'm a fashion blogger who wants to post daily outfit photos but has no one to take them ( don't ask there's seriously no one)
I have the room in my house to make an arrangement similar to this one that I posted but I have no idea where to begin. I would LOVE to improve on it!! Please tell me how. I have a tripod and a canon with a zoom lens and a 50mm and also a macro lens. Seems like I can only use the zoom lens as the 50 wouldn't work. I still can't seem to figure out these things;
Why is my photo always blurry when I use the canon remote feature?
How do I position myself in a way that we catch from head to toe? Maybe it's because I was trying to use my 50 mm but I could only get waist up photos. Here's the example; when you see it you will understand why I aspire to the image I posted !!

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Re: How was this Photo Created ? ( image inside)

Since everything is fixed, I suggest you use manual focus.


I also suggest that you get a dressmaker's dummy or manikin as a stand in to set up the shot.


Note that there are no shadows. This implies that there are a number of flashes and umbrellas/softboxes to really soften the light. The light from the window, which could also be a flash, is not lighting the model at all that I can see. It only shows up in the mirror.


If you don't know what a lot of these terms mean, get Syl Arena's Speediliters handbook.


Finally, don't discount that this could all be composted in photoshop.

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Re: How was this Photo Created ? ( image inside)

Point definitely taken about everything you talked about above would you mind taking a quick look at their account as they always post these type of photos as to definitely ascertain if it's photoshopped or not ? I'll link if it's allowed. Also; what am I doing wrong in my photo above with my canon settings?
Here's the link to the web feed of their Instagram in case you don't have an Instagram
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