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Re: How to get rid of blue?

" I accidentally shot 2/3 of a vacation on JPG ..."


Yup, done that before and just another reason I rarely shoot jpg anymore.  If you don't have things set right RAW is a lifesaver.  But all in all, if settings are where they should be, a jpg can be as good and in a few cases better.


The human eye can not distinguish between more colors than 8-bit jpg.  It is more than plenty for showing all the colors and details the human eye is able to distinguish in a photograph. This makes it fine for an output file format.  It is a big problem when you save one several times as compression artifacts start to show up.


And the biggest problem with RAW is the converter.  Personally I prefer Adobe's logarithm to Canon's own.  In the early days brand-N did not even release what it was and you had to use their converter.  Not so anymore.  But the converters do vary.


Would I give up RAW, never.  It is just too easy anymore to use it.  I have shot entire weddings in jpg and got paid all the same.  As always, use what works, there is no right or wrong if it works for you.

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Re: How to get rid of blue?

Thanks to all on the replies.  Didn't expect so much expertize.  I will see what I can do with RAW in photoshop.

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