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Re: Help on moiré and noise on videos

I use this link frequently to select lenses.  The content at this link has not changed in the last few years.


You may want to take note of the hyperfocal distance.  I like to use a manual focus 14mm lens as a walk around lens. I dial in the hyperfocal distance, and everything beyond a couple of feet is razor sharp.  I do not need to refocus it for every shot, just check it to see of the focus ring has accidentally turned.


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Re: Help on moiré and noise on videos

Now you're getting somewhere! Looks like you're starting to get a handle on things. The lighting in your sample clip looks to be much more concentrated toward the middle of the histogram. The camera isn't having to struggle to resolve detail (possibly unwanted) in a lot of bright highlights or deep shadows.

There's a couple of areas that look slightly underexposed to me but I'm guessing that's just part of the cinema profile that you've installed. That and the fact that I'm looking at the clip without of any sort of context.

Good catch too on reducing or turning off any in-camera sharpening.

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