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Frequency spectrum on the EOS Rebel SL1 mike?

I recorded live piano recently (on my Canon SL1), and thought that the notes in the lower ranges did not sound deep enough. I realize thta the mike is not supposed to be great in any camera. In fact, one of the reasons I bought it was becaue I saw that it had a mike input for a better mike. Before I invest in another mike, I would like to see the frequency spectrum of the built in mike. DOes anyone know that? FOr instance, I can purchae a Rode mike with a freq response from 40 hz to 20 khz.. I want to make sure the included mike is not as good as this. I don't really care about the fact that the Rode has better directionality.



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Re: Frequency spectrum on the EOS Rebel SL1 mike?

I cannot find the frequency response of any of the on-camera microphones documented anywhere.


However, I would be less concerned abou tthe frequency response of the microphone than I would concerned about the frequency response of the audio portion of a video signal.  Many professional videographers do not rely on the camera to record audio for them.  Instead, they rely on external audio recording, and use a slate to synchronize audio with the video during playback and editting.


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Re: Frequency spectrum on the EOS Rebel SL1 mike?

AK4646 audio IC (on 550D, 50D, 60D, 5Dm2)

AK4636 audio IC (500d only)

AK4950 (650D).


Start checking them. Should give you something.

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