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Re: Date Stamp on the photo

Some Powershot models may still have that option.  Or, perhaps, you can use your smartphone.

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Re: Date Stamp on the photo

Canon supports this for 'printing' via PictBridge.... in the camera menu there's a setup page where you can enable the date stamp when printing via PictBridge.  The date (and just the date... not the time) will appear on the print output (the original image isn't altered... just the print.)


Also, some Canon printers come with printing software which also has the option to add the date.  I'm checking the software for my Canon Pixma PRO-10 printer and I see the option in the Canon 'Easy-PhotoPrint EX' software which lets me add the date on print output.


You do have to be careful when using PictBridge... a standard that was designed to be easy... isn't so much anymore.


It turns out there is "PictBridge" and "PictBridge WiFi".  They are NOT the same.  My Canon Pixma PRO-10 is a WiFi printer and it supports PictBridge.  So you'd think it would support PictBridge over WiFi.  It does not.  It only supports PictBridge via the USB cable method.  My Canon EOS 5D IV is a WiFi enabled camera and it supports PictBridge WiFi... but it does NOT support PictBridge via USB.  So basically there's no way to use PictBridge to print from my Canon camera to my Canon printer.



This isn't a huge loss to me because normally I use Lightroom for printing.  I merely point this out because PictBridge has the option to enable date stamps on the print output but you have to make sure both your camera & printer are compatible with the same standard.


There is also quite a bit of 3rd party software you can get for your computer that will add the date (and often date + time) stamps to the visible image.  


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Re: Date Stamp on the photo

Another option if you are creating the printed documents in a word processor would be to copy the EXIF data (Just the basic data) and paste it into the document beside the picture or directly under it. There are a number of software for computers (Windows, MAc, and Linux) which can display the exif data and allow you to copy it to paste into a document.


 Ifranview is a simple and easy solution for Windows. You will have to search on your own for Mac or linux as I am not as familiar with them.

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