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Re: Cost to repair or replace sticky shutter?

Without any hidden surprises once they open it up you should be ok and they have to be very experienced to quote that price. Figure the cost of labor to remove and replace, the part and any calibration it may need there is no wiggle room for them. They must do a good volume of services for that area. There is a local garage I use for my car here and their prices are incredibly low, sometimes for minor things, it is zero but they have a large following and are always very busy.

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Re: Cost to repair or replace sticky shutter?

@lamerkramer wrote:

Thanks for the pricing information on the T5i shutter assembly. I read a comment Facebook from a fellow photographer and she recently had her camera cleaned at the shop I'm planning to use and she said they did a great job. I wouldn't be surprised if some of our local newspaper photographers use that same camera repair shop on Central Ave in St. Petersburg, Florida. That's probably how our son found out about them for camera sensor cleaning as he shot alongside other members of the media when he shot and shoots pro sports in Tampa Bay.

If you trust the repair shop, then go for it.  I think you could be making some false assumptions, though.  Trust, but verify.  You are probably correct that your son was told about the shop by some pros.  But, that advice he received may only apply to having your sensor cleaned.  Doing an actual sensor replacement is a horse of a different color.  Some places outsource camera repairs.  They mail it to Canon, or somewhere, and then charge you a fee for doing so.


Has anyone mentioned Canon’s Loyalty program?  Contact Canon Service, and ask about it.  


You may also want to check out the cost of used cameras at reputable dealers like KEH.  I think I heard a $300 figure being tossed around as an estimated cost of repair, which can go higher when you consider insuring and shipping the camera off to Canon, or somewhere.  You can buy a used T5i for that price, and a better camera for just a little more.




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Re: Cost to repair or replace sticky shutter?

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@lamerkramer wrote:

UPDATE: Called Canon. Mirror problem, not a shutter problem. That's why in LCD screen LIVE view mode the problem does not happen. That's why in burst mode the problem only happens on the first photo and not on any photos, after the first photo. So maybe it's a sticky mirror and I can fix it myself with lubricant or dusting off or similar? BTW, I was told by Canon tech support there are only two authorized factory service centers in the US. The closest one to me is in Newport News, VA. So, this takes me in a new direction. As best I can tell my Canon Rebel T5i is rated for 100,000 shots. My estimated number of photos taken since November 2015 when I purchased the camera bundle on Black Friday of that year is 23,000. Sounds low to me, but I counted all of the photos and I almost never delete a photo and the photos I have backed up add up to close to 23,000.

That particular fact was certainly news to me. And very unwelcome news, as I drive within a few miles of the (seemingly defunct) Jamesburg NJ shop fairly often and have dropped off items for cleaning or repair several times. I received no notification of this, even though I'm a CPS member. Believe me, Canon, if I had gone over to Jamesburg to drop something off and found it closed, I would have been somewhere beyond irate.

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Re: Cost to repair or replace sticky shutter?

FINAL UPDATE: The Camera Cure on Central Ave. in St. Petersburg, Florida sent the camera out for repair. $190 + tax, so $203 later I have my camera back with a new shutter and a clean sensor. It took about two weeks from the day I dropped it off, but I'm happy. 90 warranty on the repair, too. I'll be using my camera today for the frist time in 3 weeks. YAY!!!

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