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Computer won't recognise EOS 1100D

I have and EOS 1100D and recently it has stopped connecting to computers. I've tried laptops and my stationary computer which the camera has worked with before. It doens't seem to be a problem with the cable because I've tried several of them and the computer just says "USB device not recognized. The last USB device you connected to this computer malfuntioned and Windows does nit recognise it. Reccomendation; Try recconecting the device. If Windows still does not regognize it, your device may not be working properly". I have windwos 8.1.


I've tried restarting, reconnecting, removing and putting the memory card back in, charging it, putting it into other usb hubs and I am really starting to panic beacuse I do not want to spend more money on this.

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Re: Computer won't recognise EOS 1100D

Have you installed the Canon software on the computer? I think you'll at least need EOS Utiilities installed, to be able to connect via the USB cord. Even if you have it installed, it might be worth updating to see if that resolves the problem.


Alternatively, have you checked for updates to your computer operating system (Windows 8.1)? Or have you recently done an update that might have undone something, since it sounds as if you were able to connect the camera previously? You may need to do an update, do another update or patch, or even undo a recent change to correct the problem.


It's possible the USB cable itself has failed. Worst case, the mini USB socket in the camera is damaged and not communicating properly. This would be expensive to repair, since the socket is usually part of the main board of the camera and that would likely have to be completely replaced.



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