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Tom's latest comet.

Tom J Martinez


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Re: Comet....amazing!

Tom did a great job -- this thing has been very difficult to image.  Now that it's getting close to the sun, it's start to develop a nice tail.  But the problem is it's so close to the sun that it's only possible to view it in the pre-dawn minutes and even then it's low to the horizon.


This morning, for example, at about 6am local time, it's dark enough to see it... BUT the comet is only 3 degrees above the eastern horizon and all that atmosphere makes for horrible seeing conditions.


It's accelerating rapidly.  At about 6:45pm universal time on Nov 28 (Thanksgiving Day for those in the US  -- that's 1:45pm EST or 10:45am PST) it will fly past the sun, hook around and start heading back out... but it will STILL be a morning comet because of the shape of it's orbit (it's basically turns right back around and starts heading back almost the way it came... except it's orbit came in from below the solar system and it will leave above the solar system)


Tim Campbell
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