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Clarity on AF vs Liveview

I have a new Rebel T5 EOS 1200D. I've been trying it out and to me it seems that the AF through the viewfinder is very soft/blurry. The Liveview is crisp and great, but it is slower to adjust and get the shot ready for certain types of photography. I don't know if that is just how the camera is, or if it is something with the settings. I know user error, etc., but I feel that under the conditions/situations that a lot of the pictures should have come out much clearer.


(Even under [P] mode and setting a single, central focal-point, I don't seem to get a clear image).


I have examples, and would be happy to take more comparisons if needed to help me figure out what is going on. I don't know the best way/size to upload them incase you still need the attached data.


Anyway, both on macro with the EF-S 18-55mm. Top was Liveview AF, bottom through viewfinder with AF. That is the typical quality of anything I have been using the viewfinder AF on, whether it has been under [A+] or [P] mode, or with the other included EF 75-300mm lens (obviously for further away shots and not on macro).



Thank you.




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Re: Clarity on AF vs Liveview

Other info- tried both lenses in a T1 and they produced quality AF'd images. Tried different lenses we use on the T1 on the Rebel T5 and it still had soft images.


Ultimately took the T5 back to the store. They let me put a lense, battery, and card into the same model. The few test shots through the viewfinder with AF looked much better and focused. Waiting for this battery to charge to test it more, but I'm thinking it was just a flaw with that particular one.

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Re: Clarity on AF vs Liveview

Good decision to exchange it.
I'm glad you found one that works with your lenses.

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Re: Clarity on AF vs Liveview

I believe this thread illustrates why the Rebel series needs autofocus microadjustment.

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