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Carl Zeiss SONNAR 2.8/90mm T* re-machined for EOS

Hello to everyone !

I am new here and would like to present an amazing project I undertook during the last years –

Yes, it took that long since I had abandoned it.

Some years ago I stumbled over an article in an EOS-forum, where a guy had actually altered and re-machined a lens from CARL ZEISS for the Contax rangefinder G-1 : SONNAR 2.8 / 90mm to work on Canon EOS cameras.


This ZEISS SONNAR is considered one of the best lenses EVER made. Read the reviews...


Unfortunately it’s suitable only for the G1+2 and some other cameras with an adaptor.

The CANON family is excluded from this bliss since the distance from focal point to “film” is too long, resulting in the non-capability to focus on infinite.

Hence the machine-work done by this guy – I think the article was even in Chinese…

So I thought: let’s try that.

And I did – I bought a lathe and 7 !!! Contax lenses - boy, was I optimistic !

After having worked on the first – I still had the courage to work a second one, but then I decided that it’s too much, and I sold the 5 as new-ones, and the 2 lenses in work went into storage – for some years.

So last month I finally got back to them to finish the job !


And here are the details:

- The aperture slides but without the clicking from notch to notch. It was very hard to get the tiny ball + spring into place, so I left it out and now you have a continuous slide.

- The focus (which was done from a motor INSIDE the original camera ) is MANUAL – it is the first ring right next to the black camera-adaptor.


I had eye surgery and ended all my photo-activities, sold all my lenses and kept only the CANON-XT + a crappy ZOOM lens.

So, if ever someone is interested in buying this lens, please let me know.

I can send some pictures with the lens mounted on my XT.

If you have any questions or remarks or comments, don’t hesitate, this project is woth some discussion.

Thanks for looking.

Oh – another point: The black adaptor suits CANON, but it will be possible to take a NIKON one.


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