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Re: Card's Write Protect Switch is set to lock --- but it definitely is not!

I just had the same problem, read all the replies on the thread. Looked for debris in the slot but found none. Finally I tried just holding the card in as far as it would go and turned the camera on while pushing it in and that worked. So far has been working since.

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Re: Card's Write Protect Switch is set to lock --- but it definitely is not!

@TCampbell wrote:



Sounds like something is jammed in the SD card slot.  


The "write protect" switch on the edge of yoru SD card isn't actually electronic... it's just a tab.  Inside the card slot, there's a sensor that detects which position the switch is in.  If anything is blocking it, it can think the tab is in the lock position when it's really not locked.  I believe the sensor is mechanical (it uses a micro-swtich to tell if it can slide into the notch... or not.)


Eject the card, take a tiny light and shine it in the slot to see if there's some debris in it (I'm embarrased to admit that when I got my first DSLR, I inserted an SD card "backward" and broke some of the plastic "fins" near the contacts... then learned that some of the plastic material was stuck in the slot and I needed to carefully remove it.) 


The card sould be inserted into the camera with the label-side facing the back of the camera.


The fact that, at least for a while, it sounds like your card wouldn't stay in the slot -- suggests that there may be some dirt or debris in that card slot.


If the slot is clear, you may need to send it in for service.



Looks like that's the problem for my Canon M50, except they don't use a switch in this model. It's a tiny wire bent to fit into the slot if the card is unlocked, and if it's locked it'll press aganst a pin. Wife jammed the SD card in backwards and it manipulated this wire such that it's depressed againt the pin regardless of the lock position. Such a tiny space I'm not able to fix it.


Sucks, because we've always needed a camera, and we just got this one in December.

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