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Canon t5 rebel eos won't turn on

I have a canon eos t5 rebel and recently I recorded prom and now the camera won't turn on. I have tried charging the battery to see if that's the case it didn't work. I tried to change the battery it didn't work. Is there anything knows that I can do I kinda need it soon as possible anybody know the reason why it is acting this way please respond ASAP
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Re: Canon t5 rebel eos won't turn on

It is always possible that you have a battery issue: not holding a charge; not making good electical contact because of bent pins on the battery,or in the camera; obstruction in the battery compartment, etc.  Your power switch could be faulty.  There could be some issue with your memory card, too.


You should get it checked by a professional, as soon as possible, if the problem continues.  Meanwhile, I would recommend that you remove your memory card, and try to recover pictures by reading the card with a computer.  Do not re-insert it into the camera.  If you have a spare card, try that in the camera. 


Still, get your camera checked by a professional.  Call 1-800-OK-CANON.


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Re: Canon t5 rebel eos won't turn on

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Check the micro switches at the battery door and the memory card door.

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