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Re: Canon T5i Battery Puzzle

RobertTheFat wrote:

jrhoffman75 wrote:

The manual background is white, so it couldn’t show the battery in white. 


Maybe be it would have been more clear if the manual showed a screenshot of the back of the camera. 

There's no reason they ciouldn't show the battery indicator correctly in the manual. If it needs a black background, just print a black rectangle to show it on. We're talking "correctable oversight" here.

It is being illustraed correctly in the manual.  The manual shows multiple bars to indicate a full charge, fewer bars to indicate less than a full charge, and no bars to indicate no charge, which is exactly what the camera does.

If you want to get technical, the manual is showing you how a top LCD display might display battery charge.


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Re: Canon T5i Battery Puzzle

For the T5i (and probably other bodies) the LCD screen display can be changed from black with white to white background with black.



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