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Canon T5 to external display

Hi guys, I'm trying to take some product photos where I will be shooting multiple pictures of the same product in different colors. I'd like the pictures to be as similar as possible with the angle of the products being able to be replicated fairly consistently. The question is if there exists any sort of software where I can output a live feed of what the camera is looking at to a monitor where I can superimpose a semi transparent picture that was previously taken over the live feed? If this isn't possible, does anyone have any tips on achieving something similar, or would I be better off taking one picture, creating an alpha layer over the parts of the product that have different colors and simply changing the colors in photoshop?

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Re: Canon T5 to external display

I can think of two different methods, One you all ready stated, Photoshop. Though that is not the best method since you will have a little trouble matching the actual product color (That is why some ads have the diclaimer "Product may appear different than pictured.")


The better method would be to apply marks on the surface that are covered in the photo but will give you alignment guides to get the products aligned to the same orientation. Tape placed atspecific spots on the back areas that show the alignment of the product is a good non-permanent solution as long as the tape is thin enough to not extend from behind the product.

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Re: Canon T5 to external display

Cinematographers face this type of problem all the time. Not only do they make reference marks on a floor, they also fasten their tripod feet in place.

Then they document it.

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Re: Canon T5 to external display

"... simply changing the colors in photoshop?"


You got it.  Smiley Wink

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Re: Canon T5 to external display

One thing you probably need is either a whibal or color-rite color checker to get the colors spot on. If you look at the "magnification" thread in the lens forum, you can see my whibal.

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