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Canon T5 Battery Door

Does anyone know how to put the battery door back on a Canon T5?  One of my photography students gave it to me with the door removed, so I have no idea how it came off in the first place.  I compared it to another one, and nothing appears to be broken.

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Re: Canon T5 Battery Door

"...nothing appears to be broken."


It didn't just fall off.  I think a trip to a Canon service center is in order. They will make sure nothing is broken.

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Re: Canon T5 Battery Door

It just clips on and off. Search on youtube for "canon t5 battery grip review" where you can see it being removed.

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Re: Canon T5 Battery Door

The T5 battery door is not designed to be easily removed like other cameras because Canon did not design a battery grip for it. 


There are some 3rd party battery grips available for it though, and the 3rd party instructions say to pull on the door at a 35 degree angle to remove it. 


To re-install the door I would just reverse the process and gently push on it at a 35 degree angle.





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Re: Canon T5 Battery Door

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.  Ultimately I followed Ray-uk's idea of searching YouTube, and sure enough I found plenty of videos demonstrating how to remove the door.  None actually showed how to put it back on, but after seeing how easily it came off, I had the confidence to apply a little pressure and it popped back on easily.  There are actually two spring loaded clips that you can press down with the door hinge, leaving more space for the hinge to slide in.

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