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Canon SL1 DSLR: Setting for recording movies from a tripod

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I plan to use a tripod to sometimes record a group of us during vacation and would like to know if the SL1 provides any type of movie recording start delay (like 2 or 10 seconds) and movie record time limit (like 2 minutes). - just enough time for me to get into the movie.  Are such features available on the Canon SL1?


If yes, what are the settings to set a movie recording start delay and movie recording time limit?

If no, what are the alternatives?


I know I can use the RC-6 remote control to turn recording on and off, but I was hoping I could do something with the built-in time delay as well.


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Re: Canon SL1 DSLR: Setting for recording movies from a tripod

There are wireless remotes that can be used for this -- but I don't think you can set a delay timer like you can for still shots (and of course you'd still have to stop the recording when you're done.)


Since it's video, just start the clip rolling... and edit out the front later (since you probably want to edit your clips anyway.)


As for recording time limit... yes there are two limits.  The camera cannot record a single video clip (continuously) for more than 29 minutes 59 seconds.  In other words... 30 minutes is a hard limit.  This is political and NOT technical.  Via trade agreement, if a camera can record video for longer than 30 minutes then it must be classified as a "video" camera and tariffed at a higher rate.  If it is limited to recordings which are less than 30 minutes then it can be treated as a still camera so the tariffs are lower.  It's a silly restriction -- but imposed by the governments who negotiate these trade agreements.


The OTHER limit is the file-size and that is a technical limit although you're unlikely to run into it.  The memory card is formated as an MS-DOS FAT32 filesystem.  This is what allows the same memory card to be compatible for reading by a PC, or a Mac, or even a computer running Linux if you prefer... and they can all read the card without the need for any proprietary drivers (no licensing royalites come into play here).  BUT... the FAT32 filesystem maps out files in a way that limits the maximum size of a single file to 4GB. It is probably far more likely that you'll run into the 30 minute rule limit than the 4GB filesize limit.



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Re: Canon SL1 DSLR: Setting for recording movies from a tripod

I was wondering the same, and I'm still learning, the SL1 is my first DSLR. And was happy to find that my old RC-1 remote works with the SL1, for still frames. I'll try it later today in movie mode, it would be great if it works.

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Re: Canon SL1 DSLR: Setting for recording movies from a tripod

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The 2 and 10 seconds delay only works for stills, if You press the movie shutter it starts recording regardless of the timer settings.


The way to do it is as TCampbell mentions, with a Remote Control, and the setting on "Self-timer/Remote control"


I have an RC-1, got it many years ago and really glad to know it works with the SL1, the Remote itself must be in the 2 Seconds position to start/stop video recording.

Apparently the RC-1 and RC-5 are discontinued but still available. I like that the RC-1 can be attached to the camera strap. The new one RC-6 looks like You have to add a cord to it and it probably will be dangling all around.

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