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Re: Canon Rebel EOS T5 and close ups

@Waddizzle wrote:

@mamassey40 wrote:
What do you mean by "If you want the whole picture to be in focus, you will have to position the necklace and the camera so as to correct that situation"?

I am sorry, so new to this. I am not looking to be a professional at this, just want to make a good photo of my jewelry to post online.

I think Bob means to not shoot at an off angle, relative to the necklace.  Try to shoot straight at the jewelry piece.  I can adjust my tripod in the above phtos to shoot straight down, which is how I photographed the posted shoot of the plate of food.

When you shoot at angle, consider the distance to the lens of the nearest part of the necklace.  Then, consider the distance to the farthest part of the neclace.  You need to shoot with a Depth-Of-Field that covers that entire distance, which is hard to do when you are very close to the necklace.

What you can do is back away a little bit, if you want to shoot at an angle.  Or, you can shoot straight at the piece, so that nearly every part of the necklace is the same distance from the lens.  Again, the second scenario is how I photographed the plate of food, because I faced the same problem as you.  I could not get the entire plate in focus, front to back.

The plate is potentially harder than the necklace, because the center of the plate is closer to the camera than the rim is. If the necklace is laid out as a circle, it doesn't matter whether the center is in focus.

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